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Engagement with market actors is increasingly being recognised to be a key part of humanitarian programming as these actors are well positioned to provide services and distribute commodities to affected communities. At the same time, cash transfers are becoming more widely utilised to enable these same communities to access markets of goods and services that they urgently need during and after an emergency. To enable programmes to monitor their market based WASH programmes better a generic Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) framework has been developed.

This document is part of a set of documents related to a “Generic Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for WASH market-based Humanitarian Programming”. This document explains how to use and adapt the current ICT tools developed as an example of a possible implementation of the WASH MBP framework. The proposed ICT tools are deemed useful for the implementation of the framework, but this is not a specific endorsement of these tools. Alternative tools existing as described in the report. Alternatively, the framework can be implemented by pen and paper, without the use of any ICT tools.

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