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Solid  waste  and  faecal  sludge  management  in  situations  of  rapid  mass  displacement  are  important  to  public  health  and  providing  for  a  betterenvironment.Despite  this,  both  have  been  neglected  in  WASH  programmes,  which  tend  to  have  a  focus  on  water.  Howeverincreasing  efforts  are  being  made  to  find  solutions  to  challenges  in  solid  waste  and  faecal  sludge  management  in  difficult  circumstances  in  humanitarian  emergencies.  Findings from the study includes for solid waste management, the importance of immediately clearing any toxic materials, remove blockages to thoroughfares or drainage channels and remove dead bodies. For Faecal sludge management, indiscriminate defecation is usually the main health hazard of the first phase of an emergency and the main objective of faecal sludge management should be to prevent this.

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