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Humanitarians increasingly view market-based programming (MBP) and cash-transfer programming (CTP) as an effective response to address humanitarian needs of affected people. This is particularly reflected in the cash commitments made under the Grand Bargain of the World Humanitarian Summit. The humanitarian WASH sector is still in its early stages of integrating MBP/CTP as a standard practice. In 2015 the GWC identified the need to facilitate a sector-wide dialogue aiming to strengthen the institutional understanding of ‘markets & cash’ and to identify opportunities and the challenges of the new modalities. For this purpose the GWC has set up a Technical Working Group "Markets" (TWiG Markets) and the GWN convened an event to discuss the issue with key sector partners at the World Water Week 2016.

The WASH ePaper Issue #7 presents important outcomes and follow-ups of these processes, brandnew case studies, a number of videos and webinars, and the most relevant publications on the topic. Readers who are unfamiliar with the topic will find a glossary at the end of the issue.

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