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A participatory assessment on disaster risk reduction (DRR) was undertaken in GAZA governorate in 2011, OXFAM being the lead agency within the WASH cluster emergency response and preparedness in this area. Three vulnerable neighbourhoods (AL MALALHA, AL MOGRAGHA and AL ZARGA), were identified and an integrated approach has been implemented in the past 2 years, including WASH, Advocacy, Psycho-social support and DRR components. OXFAM implemented an innovative approach to provide safe drinking water to vulnerable household in those 3 communities, by providing water vouchers, and working with the private sector. It is funded by ECHO and an internal evaluation was commissioned to highlight key best practices, assess Design (Relevance and Coverage), implementation (Effectiveness and Efficiency), impact oriented (Impact and Sustainability), and criteria related to this pioneering activity.

Assessment Methodology
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