Sodium Hypochlorite Dosage for Household and Emergency Water Treatment: Updated Recommendations

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Household  water  treatment  with  chlorine  can  improve  the  microbiological  quality  of  household  water and  reduce  diarrheal  disease.  We  conducted  laboratory  and field  studies  to  inform  chlorine  dosage recommendations.  In  the  laboratory,  reactors  of  varying  turbidity  (10–300  NTU)  and  total  organic carbon  (0–25  mg/L  addition)  were  created,  spiked  with Escherichia  coli,  and  dosed  with  3.75  mg/Ls odium  hypochlorite.  All  reactors  had>4  log  reduction  of E.  coli 24  hours  after  chlorine  addition